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Transfer Deadline Day: live

Follow all today's Premier League transfer deals as they happen, as Newcastle accept Liverpool's £35m plus bid for Andy Carroll.

Andy Carroll
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Welcome to Anfield: Andy Carroll is set to join Liverpool for a fee believed to top £35 million Photo: PA
Transfer deadline day
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On the move: transfer deadline day could see a number of significant deals 
Transfer Deadline Day: live
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A good price for a big man: at least from Newcastle's point of view as Liverpool try and spend their Fernando Torres money before they get it Photo: ACTION IMAGES
Transfer Deadline Day: live
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Wheels in motion: Harry Redknapp is looking to tie up a couple of signings today - just don't call the Tottenham manager a wheeler dealer, right? Photo: REUTERS
Transfer Deadline Day: live
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We win: Qatar stop playing games and buy up the rights to life, love, the world and everything Photo: GETTY IMAGES
Transfer Deadline Day: live
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Red faced: Paul Konchesky leaves Liverpool, to Nottingham Forest on loan, with the blessing of pretty much every Liverpool fan on Merseyside Photo: ACTION IMAGES
Transfer Deadline Day: live
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Any striker in a storm: Tottenham have worked their way through enough La Liga strikers to have now reached Diego Forlan's door Photo: REUTERS
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IN: Aston Villa (Bradley), Blackburn (Formica, Rochina), Blackpool (Beattie, Kornilenko, Reid), Bolton (Sturridge), Birmingham (Martins), Derby (Ayala), Hull (Stewart), Liverpool (Suárez), Middlesbrough (Haas), Newcastle (Ireland), Nottingham Forest (Konchesky), Peterborough (Jones), Rangers (Healy), West Ham (McCallum), Wolves (Basso).
OUT: Arsenal (Sunu, Barazite, Bartley), Aston Villa (Ireland), Chelsea (Sturridge), Leeds (Bessone) Liverpool (Ayala, Konchesky), Manchester United (Stewart), Stoke (Tuncay), Sunderland (Da Silva, Healy, Reid), Nottingham Forest (Garner), Wigan (Nicholls), West Brom (Downing).
19.20: The Sky Sports countdown clock is still ticking ominously, like the sands of time slipping away from each and everyone of us, never to be reclaimed again, in this life at least. Less than four hous to go. But we must part, sweet sorrow that it is, for now.
All the done deals, mind boggling figures - featuring more zeros than a list of Fulham results from the past two seasons - and last minute glitches and foul ups (as well as that big money panic buy from Spurs you feel is still out there somewhere) will be made sense of elsewhere on these pages, tonight, tomorrow and always.
Thanks for your company. It's been emotional.
19.05: It's all been quiet for a while over at Spurs. Too quiet. Surely Redknapp isn't going to stand on the sidelines while all the fun and games are going on, is he?
19.00: Here's the news you've all been waiting for: Blackburn have announced the signing of forward Ruben Rochina from Barcelona on a four-and-a-half-year contract. Not a bad bit of business by the chicken farmers, there. I wonder how many column inches it will get tomorrow.
Twitter 18.54 From Jason Burt: "David Luiz now desperately trying to fly from Portugal to London in time to sign for Chelsea..."
18.50: Chelsea - who are on the verge of splashing somewhere in the region of £80m on Fernando Tores and David Luiz in the next couple of hours - today announced a total loss of £70.9million for the financial year ending June 30, 2010. Maybe those financial fair play rules aren't as frightening to clubs as we were led to believe.
18.40: Newcastle officials 'on the phones' to try and get shot of a wedge of the Carroll money. The names of Peter Crouch and Emile Heskey have been put about. Some people are getting very, very tired now, eh?
Twitter 18.31: From Rory Smith: "Can you all stop asking me about Ashley Young, please? I don't know of any deal for Young at the mo. Ashley or Neil. Or Paul."
Twitter 18.27: From Jeremy Wilson: "Liverpool wont get relegated and long shots for Champ League, so why waste money now rather than rebuild sensibly in the summer?"
18.25: The peril of producing an evening newspaper on transfer deadline day. The Newcastle Chronical's splash today? Carroll: I want to stay...oh dear.
Twitter 17.57 From Jason Burt: "Luiz to Chelsea - 20m up front, 5m to follow plus Benfica to take Nemanja Matic. Exactly the terms Chels offered last Monday!"
18.15: News on a possible signing by Chelsea. No, not him, the other one, that you thought wasn't going to happen. Word comes from Portugal that a £25m deal has been struck with Benfica for David Luiz. Time was when you just took a punt in January to avoid relegation (the Bent model) but now it's a panic over not getting in the Champions League (Spurs are still sniffing round anyone who's scored double figures in a mainstream European league this season, apparently).
18.10: I've come to the realisation that pretty much anything you might say in Ian Holloway's accent would be funny (though it falls a little flat on this particular medium, but still). Holloway on Charlie Adam - reported to be either waiting for a car to pick him up or actually in a taxi between Blackpool and Anfield: "I asume nothing. Becuase when you use that word it makes an ass of you and me. And I don't do that."
18.06: That official Newcastle statement on Carroll: "A British record transfer fee has been agreed between Newcastle United and Liverpool for Magpies striker Andy Carroll. The 22-year-old England international has this afternoon handed in a transfer request, which has reluctantly been accepted by the club, and Carroll is currently in talks with the Reds over a move to Anfield."
Twitter 17.57 From Jason Burt: "Torres deal appears to be agreed at 45m pounds plus add-ons to take to 50m. Told he is now on his way down to chelsea."
Twitter 17.55: From Rory Smith: "The figure for anyone to buy Charlie Adam will not be £14m. It will be around £8m. No word from #LFC as yet, mind. Hold your horses, SSN."
17.45: So, to recap for the new comers and those who can't be bothered to scroll down. The day started with Liverpool offering £30m for Andy Carroll, which was turned down. With Fernando Torres most likely heading to Chelsea - though nothing has been signed and sealed on that yet - Liverpool went back with £35m plus add ons. Newcastle dimissed that one too, the crazy dreamers, but then Caroll himself put in a tansfer request and the final act was ushered in and Newcastle admitted defeat, accepting the offer (with heavy hearts, by all accounts).
Torres is still in the North West, by the way, waiting permission from Liverpool to complete his move to Stamford Bridge. Imagine if that one falls down - Liverpool would have the best strike force in the league, no?
Email 17.33: It's all getting a bit serious here. Step forward Ged Shepherd to inject a bit of levity (if not actual laughter): "Latest news from Newcastle is they are replacing AC with another Andy, this time Murray, as they have heard he hits the back of the net a lot."
Boom and boom! And a word of advice, Ged's zinger nearly didn't make the cut here. Not because it was a bit of a limp gag, but because of the use of a smiley face in the email. We'll have no more of that here, please.
17.30: Away fom the Carroll deal, but still in Liverpool, someone has been told to take a car at speed to Blackpool, not to see the lights (if they are still on), but to pick up the not inconsiderable frame of Charlie Adam, to be brought back to Anfield to cough for a doctor asap.
17.22: Grave news from St James' Park. Sky Sport's David Craig, using a sombre voice that you imagine he would use when delivering a eulogy at a cousin's funeral, reveals that Newcastle have 'extremely, extremely reluctantly accepted a written transfer request' from one Andrew Carroll. To add to the gravity of the news, he has heard this from 'very, very, very reliable sources.' A moment's silence, please. There are some 'very heavy hearts here today.'
Carroll is on his way to Liverpool for a medical. Liverpool confirm Newcastle have accepted 'a club record transfer fee', in the region of £35 million plus plenty of trinkets and add ons.
17.18: Actual news alert: Stoke striker Tuncay has joined Wolfsburg on a three-and-a-half-year contract, the German club have confirmed. Not massively interesting, I know, but news nonetheless.
Email 17.12: Hold on to your hats, Chris August wades in to the debate in the style of a man entering a yes or no phone poll to register a vote of 'don't know': "Just to confirm that I do not have any rumours, gossip or tips! Good luck, anyway." Useless - but polite at least.
17.05: Multiple news sources now quoting sources at Liverpool and Newcastle saying their piffling offer of £35 million - yes, that's right, thirty five million pounds! - has been dismissed. They will have to come back with something better than that. Which they very well might....
16.55 After six hours doing this blog, and staring dementedly at Sky Sports News while furiously updating my emails, my stint is over. Thanks for all your contributions, and I'll leave you in the loving embrace of Steve Wilson. Imay check back in in a few hours, if only to read about Andy Carroll's £73 million move to Liverpool.
Twitter 16.50 From Jason Burt: "I'm told by well-placed Chelsea source on Torres: 'We feel the deal will happen'."
16.46 DEAL! Stoke forward Tuncay has signed for Wolfburg.
16.40 BREAKING NEWS - Sky are reporting that Newcastle have REJECTED Liverpool's improved offer. If they have, they really need their heads examined. Remember, though, that Sky reported that Carroll was on his way to Anfield earlier to seal the move, so who knows what is happening. Not Sky.
16.39 Playtime is over on Sky Sports and Bryan Swanson has been let out of his lair and is straight into action. That sound in the background is Andy Burton sobbing at his desk, playing snake on his four mbile phones.
Email 16.37 Very interesting remark from Sccucci Manucci: "If Liverpool pay £35 million for Andy Carroll they are getting a player outscored in the Championship last season by Peter Whittingham, Nicky Maynard, Gary Hooper, Michael Chopra and Charlie Adam."
16.35 On another note, albeit Newcastle related, it appears that Stephen Ireland's move to St James' Park may be on the verge of breaking down. More on that when we hear it.
16.32 It is now being reported that the Andy Carroll deal will be in excess of £35m with add-ons. This just gets better and better, or worse and worse, depending on your viewpoint.
Twitter 16.30 From Mark Ogden, the man in the know at Old Trafford: "Don't be rushing to the #mufc megastore for your Charlie Adam shirts. Not today anyway."
16.26 DEAL! From Sandy Macaskill: "Lockdown! Brum have confirmed the signing of Obafemi Martins on a six-month international loan from Rubin Kazan. At long last Alex McLeish has his striker."
16.21 Manchester United midfielder Cameron Stewart has completed a permanent move to Hull, where he had been on loan, for an undisclosed fee. Why bother not disclosing the fee? Though having said that, if I were Liverpool I probably wouldn't have disclosed the fee for Andy Carroll. Most people don't like to talk about what got stolen when they got mugged after all...
Twitter 16.19 From Paul Kelso: "Carroll, Torres, Adam... and somewhere Harry Redknapp is listening to Magic FM, yet to be "surprised" by the chairman..."
16.15 Arsenal youngster Nacer Barazite has joined Austria Vienna on a free transfer. Not the most enthralling transfer, but they all count.
16.09 Rumours that Blackpool midfielder Charlie Adam could be on his way to Manchester United. That would be a shock and would be a real blow to Liverpool. Can't imagine Sir Alex Ferguson would enjoy that...
16.07 Hang on a minute, if Andy Carroll does move to Liverpool who is he going to live with? And who is going to take his room at Kevin Nolan's house? Presumably Stephen Ireland is already being lined up to fill that vacancy, but as for Carroll I can only see one man/beast being able to handle putting up Carroll: one Sotirios Kyrgiakos.
16.04 Hold the phones, hold the back page! Chris McCormack (see 12.54), you wanted Everton news, well I've got some news for you - David Moyes says he expects to complete the signing of 19 year-old striker Apostolos Vellios from Iraklis before the close of the transfer deadline. Phew.
- Liverpool have made an improved offer of £35m for Andy Carroll
- Andy Reid signs for Blackpool
- American midfielder Michael Bradley set to sign for Aston Villa
Email 15.55 A philosophical Christopher Warner emails: "I think this is the best transfer day ever, because of all the hype, shame there is not a sniff of Bristol City signing anyone given our injury crisis at the mo…. we need some backup to help us stay in the Championship!"
15.51 It's all starting to heat up now, with Michael Bradley very close to putting the final touches to his move to Aston Villa.
15.50 Birmingham have reportedly received no offer from Manchester City for Sebastian Larsson. However, in the wake of the Andy Carroll transfer, they can presumably expect on offer in the region of £28m for the midfielder any time around now.
Twitter 15.47 A spot-on lowlow5pct on Twitter says: "Transfer day is a human Tupperware party - lots of items you don't need/want at inflated prices."
Email 15.46 Spluttering with unexplainable rage, passionate Liverpool fan (so he says) Matty Hamilton emails: "How the hell is Carroll worth £35m?!?! Been quite good for six months, its an absolute joke."
15.42 Sky Sports are now reporting that Andy Carroll is on his way to Liverpool to seal his move to Anfield. Then again they have been insistant Fernando Torres is on a helicopter on his way to Chelsea, and that has been rubbished by a number of Liverpool-based reporters.
Email 15.38 The Telegraph's Huw Turbervill is keen to join the debate, but only about Liverpool. Every other team is dead to him: "Allowing Kenny Dalglish to spend £58m on two new strikers suggests new owners have confidence in him and he will stay beyond summer - he should be given a one-year rolling contract as soon as possible after this transfer deadline. Also, after reverting back to pass and move last few games, I just hope we don't go long ball to Andy Carroll (as we used to with Peter Crouch) when matches not going our way."
15.33 Blackburn's new owners, Venky's, have been very quiet today. Surely they must be planning something eye catching? I'll get the ball rolling with a rumour that is in no way made up, Brazilian striker Adriano is apparently desperate to play alongside Jason Roberts and doesn't care who knows it.
15.30 Apologies for the lack of replies to all of your kind emails, I'm not normally this rude. Well I am, but not usually sober. They are much appreciated.
15.28 Still no sign of Andy Burton. I hope he's okay. Transfer deadline day is his Christmas Day, he must be locked in solitary at the moment, there's no other way to explain his absence from our screens.
Twitter 15.24 From Cragglemeister on Twitter: "lfc = £35mill = fail. Maybe the American owners are thinking in dollars rather than sterling!!!"
15.22 Just taking a breath to consider whether this is the best transfer deadline day since the great Dimitar Berbatov kidnapping of a few years back. After a couple of exceptionally dull windows, this one is absolutely excellent. Let me know your thoughts via email (address above) or by joining my legion (in reality extremely small group) of followers on Twitter at @robkelly2
Email 15 16 This Andy Carroll deal is causing quite a stir, with Matt Turner adding: "Is Damien Comolli actually Peter Ridsdale in disguise? £35m for Carroll is the funniest thing I’ve heard since Seth Johnson to Leeds for £7m."
15.14 Jason Burt has revealed that Chelsea have submitted an improved bid for Fernando Torres. The full story is here.
15.12 DEAL! Andy Reid has moved on loan to Blackpool until the end of the season.
Email 15.10 From an incredulous Musheer Ahmed in Mauritius: "How can Carroll who is injured, played one and half (only half in top flight) seasons, be worth more than Top Top Top and proven strikers like Berbatov, Rooney, Bent, Tevez, TORRES, David Villa, Dzencko, Balotelli and Suarez!! Yes, he is young, yes he is English. But nowhere near that good!!"
Twitter 15.07 From Rory Smith on Twitter: "No fee agreed over Carroll. Liverpool were told to produce £35m. They have done so. Up to Newcastle to accept now."
15.02 BREAKING NEWS! ACTUAL NEWS! Liverpool have made an offer of £35m for Newcastle striker Andy Carroll. Deal of the century for Newcastle. Had a good season, but £35m?? Let me know your thoughts.
- Fernando Torres is thought to be en route to Chelsea via helicopter
- Newcastle cancel their press conference, fuelling speculation Andy Carroll is going to Liverpool
- Amauri turns down a move to both Fulham and West Brom
Twitter 14.56 A tweet from the curiously-named M_Obelix, presumably about Andy Carroll: "35 mil??! more than Berbatov, Villa, Robinho, Rooney, Bent, Tevez not to mention Torres's original price! WOW, some 'talent'!" He's got a point.
Email 14.49 A strange email from Gregor Linton, who says: "I used to be a Nottingham Forest fan, and now support Tottenham. It makes deadline day much more rewarding, but I don't know who I'll start supporting once the Hotspurs leave north London." Go back to Forest Gregor, it'll make you feel better about dropping them in the first place.
14.44 How the Sky Sports presenters haven't entered a coma by now, repeating the same information again and again and again, is beyond me. It's bad enough just watching it. Maybe I'm in a coma, maybe this is a dream? It's all gone very Inception.
Twitter 14.42 From Rory Smith on Twitter: "£35m for Andy Carroll - the price Newcastle have suggested to Liverpool - represents a considerable risk by FSG. But shows clear ambition, too. As for Everton, no first-team ins nor outs expected today. Sky didn't even have a reporter outside Finch Farm. Funds."
Email 14.36 Ken Williams emails in a little titbit of gossip: "Harry Redknapp seems to have solved his short-term centre-back problem, I hear from a mate with friends at the club that Wes Brown is having a medical at the Lane getting ready for a three-month loan deal." Well for one thing, Spurs carry out all their medicals at their training ground. But we'll see if there's anything in that...
14.35 Initially Alan Pardew's press conference was scheduled for 2pm; it was then rescheduled for 3.30pm, and now the club say they are hopeful of holding it tomorrow. Is this news? Or are they just trying to avoid the chore of having to say "Andy Carroll is not leaving" about 380 times.
14.32 I'm hearing that Chelsea's latest offer for Torres is 'in excess of £45 million'. That from Jason Burt. More soon.
14.30 From Sandy Macaskill: "Sources at Birmingham defiant that Jerome, Kevin Phillips and Nikola Zigic are going nowhere, despite Martins' arrival."
14.27 INTERESTING NEWS! GENUINELY! WELL MAYBE! Newcastle have cancelled their scheduled press conference - does this mean Andy Carroll is on his way to Liverpool? Or are they trying to hijack the James Beattie deal? It's all up for grabs now!
14.25 Sky Sports reporter David Craig has just been described by presenter Ed Chamberlain as "a deadline-day maestro". Ugh. What does that even mean?
14.22 Somehow Sky Sports have dragged themselves away from the breathless excitement over James Beattie's move to Blackpool, and have announced very confidently that Fernando Torres IS on his way to Chelsea by helicopter. All we need is Martin Tyler to add in his customary shriek: "AND IT'S LIVE!"
Email 14.21 As much as I enjoy hearing all your rumours, there are some bizarre minds out there. Just had a transfer rumour involving an elephant, drums and a Liverpool striker. You know who you are...
14.18 I think even Sky Sports are getting bored of babbling on mindlessly abut Fernando Torres. Halfway through Charlotte Jackson's 'latest' news about his transport (at various times a helicopter, car, and piggyback) down to London, they just cut to the ad break. Well played.
14.17 James Beattie is now trending on Twitter. That has shaken me to my core.
Email 14.15 Fom Aaron Smith: "Just heard from a usually reliable source that Liverpool have made contact with Arsenal over the availability of Nicklas Bendtner with a view to offering £6m plus Pepe Reina, such is their apparent desperation to land a ‘striker’. A representative is ready to fly to London on a pig to finalise things once Arsenal get back them."
14.11 Andy Reid, easily the nicest bloke I have met in football, is in Blackpool and is close to signing for the club, we hear. Good to see he is still hungry for life in the top flight. But playing alongside James Beattie is probably not what he had been dreaming of.
14.05 Perhaps the most unlikely rumour of the day, and that is saying something (I'm looking at you KCS Wimbledon pupils), apparently Manchester City are interested in signing Birmingham's Sebastian Larsson.
14.02 Juventus striker Amauri has turned down a move to both Fulham and West Brom his agent has confirmed. Shame, the fans could have wheeled out that chant that they previously reserved for Bobby Zamora.
- Blackburn set to seal £3m deal for Argentinian midfielder Mauro Formica
- Bolton close to completing a six-month loan for Daniel Sturridge from Chelsea
- Sergio Aguero signs new deal at Atletico Madrid and won't sign for Tottenham
Email 13.50 From Mark Lynch: "I work in Trafford Park and have just seen a low flying helicopter with a Spanish flag flying out of the window, it seemed to land in the car park directly behind the Stretford End. Make of that what you will..."
13.48 BREAKING NEWS! From Jonathan Liew: "I can reveal that Andy Burton is at the Sky Sports offices, but you may not see him on your screens. Says a Sky Sports insider: "Rather than having Andy with his five, six, seven phones, sat at his desk, all the information about transfer moves is being loaded into the touchscreen. Should Andy break a big transfer deadline day story, he's ready to go on air. He's here, in his suit and tie."
13.45 This is not a vintage bit of news I will admit, but Rangers "striker" James Beattie is having a medical at Blackpool. Good luck with that Blackpool.
13.42 Luis Suarez is going to take on the No 7 shirt when he finally seals his move to Anfield apparently.
13.40 Talk now that Tottenham have returned to Spain, and are once again aggressively pursuing Diego Forlan, waving their fists at him and demanding he joins the soon-to-be east London club immediately.
13.35 Shay Given, remember him?, won't be leaving Eastlands today, according to Mark Ogden: "Shay Given's plea for a loan move from Manchester City to a Championship club is likely to go unanswered. Such a move would ensure a 24-hour recall, but only after Given had spent a month at his loan club, so Roberto Mancini is refusing to run the risk of Joe Hart being injured during the next month as City would not be able to recall Given for at least 28 days."
13.31 The news that all Everton fans didn't want to hear, David Moyes confirming that any signings are unlikely. Step this way for video of the man himself saying so.
13.29 Shock news - Tottenham won't be signing Sergio Aguero, who has signed a new two-and-a-half-year deal at Atletico Madrid.
Email 13.25 It's lunchtime for most people, and the jokes, rumours and lies are coming like Aaron Lennon at the moment, thick and fast (joke is courtesy of the ever-excellent arseblog).
13.20 And for both of you Wigan fans out there, here is Mark Ogden's latest from the DW Stadium: "Chairman Dave Whelan insists that Charles N'Zogbia will not be leaving the DW Stadium today. Whelan said: 'We have had a few clubs chasing Zoggy, but Zoggy wants to stay. We’re delighted he wants to stay and I can’t see anything else happening.'"
Email 13.17 From Ben Lancaster, the wag: "I have it on good authority that Torres has indeed left Melwood by helicopter, followed quickly by Gerrard in a fighter jet. Paul Konchesky has left Melwood in an Austin Allegro."
13.15 Interesting stuff from Mark Ogden again, this time regarding Bolton: "Bolton close to completing a six-month loan for Daniel Sturridge from Chelsea. The former Manchester City forward is currently undergoing a medical at the Reebok. So if Torres to Chelsea happens today, Sturridge won't be going to Anfield as part of the deal."
Email 13.11 Woody in Switzerland brings exciting news from the country, perhaps for the first-time ever: "I'm in Zurich where there has been a Torres sighting this lunch time. Apparently he is here to petition Sepp Blatter to declare him a modern day slave, in the hope that it will have the same effect for him that it had for Christiano Ronaldo when trying to force his way to Madrid."
13.09 From Mark Ogden: "Blackburn just finalising the paperwork on a £3m deal for Argentinian midfielder Mauro Formica, who currently plays for Newell's Old Boys. Attempts also being made to complete a loan move for 19-year-old Barcelona forward Ruben Rochina."
Twitter 13.07 From Jeremy Wilson: "Oxlade-chamberlain trained today at #saintsfc and nothing now expected, but #mufc, #arsenal and #lfc all still interested 4 summer"
- Chelsea have bid for St Etienne winger Dimitri Payet
- Wolves sign former Bristol City keeper Adriano Basso
- Newcastle striker Andy Carroll reportedly wants to stay on Tyneside despite Liverpool's interest
Twitter 12.59 From Rory Smith: "Fernando Torres is still at Melwood, and has not left by helicopter, catamaran or Back to the Future-style hoverboard."
12.58 Rob Stewart has put a new spin on the Andy Carroll chat, with this from Tyneside: "The Andy Carroll transfer saga has taken another twist with an anonymous source close to the England striker being quoted as saying that he wants to stay put despite the attention of Liverpool and Tottenham.
"The source told the Newcastle Evening Chronicle: 'He’s in Newcastle and he’s going to be at the training ground today.That should tell you everything you need to know about whether he’s staying or going. He’s tired of saying how much he wants to stay.'
"And don't forget forgotten striker Xisco who is in currently in his native Spain to sign on loan for former club Deportivo La Coruña."
Twitter 12. 57 @TwopTwips: "REPLICATE transfer d/line day in works canteen by panic-buying a pot noodle for £20, a min before they close. "
Email 12.54 A desperate Chris McCormack asks/sobs: "Any Everton news? Absolutely anything. Anything at all. ANYTHING?!?!?!!?!?!". Erm, no. If anyone wants to help talk Chris down from the ledge, email me on the address above or tweet me something exciting or amusing. Or just follow me and boost my rather pathetic numbers of followers.
Email 12.51 From Mark Thompson, though presumably not the same Mark Thompson who is head of the BBC: "Fernando Torres has left Liverpool's Melwood training ground by helicopter. Destination unknown but watch this space..." Oh we will Mark, we will.
12.50 Arsenal tend to look sniffily down their noses at the idea of signing anyone on transfer deadline day, but they have alllowed Gilles Sunu to move to Lorient in France. "An indication of Arsenal’s strength in depth outside the first-team is the fact they’ve allowed reserve striker Gilles Sunu to leave, for Lorient in France on loan. He is the tenth player to leave Arsenal in January, either on loan or, in a couple of cases, permanently.They really do have a conveyor belt in N5; shame more don’t make it to the first team," writes John Ley.
12.45 If you want a good read about the ins and outs of transfer deadline day, try this blog from Paul Kelso for size.
12.40 You may have forgotten about him, I certainly had, but so has every other Premier League team, writes Mark Ogden: "Poor Shaun Wright-Phillips. He wants away from Manchester City and they will sell for just over £3m but, so far, there are no takers for a guy who has made an art-form of warming the bench with Chelsea, City and England."
12.31 So close to another deal I can almost taste it. From Sandy Macaskill: "Martins has got a work permit now, I hear. Medical the only obstacle." So the former Newcastle forward will soon be wearing the blue of Birmingham. What do Brum fans think of that? Let me know at the email address above, or tweet me if that's your thing.
12.26 Talk that Ricardo Fuller could be on his way to Sunderland later. I doubt that was the signing Sunderland fans wanted to replace Darren Bent...
12.24 DEAL! Hold on to your hats, Wolves have only gone and signed former Bristol City keeper Adriano Basso on a short-term deal until the end of the season. Now we're really rolling.
12.22 From Sandy Macaskill again: "Michael Bradley undergoing a medical at Villa now, will sign on loan with an option for Villa to buy from Borussia Monchengladbach at the end of the season. Houllier expects that to be it - Ashley Young ("our best asset") going nowhere - although Stephen Warnock, who has disappeared off the face of the Earth, could well go to Liverpool on loan. Houllier says that it would be best for the player to leave."
12.20 "Chelsea have indeed bid for St Etienne winger Dimitri Payet - 23-year-old French international. Offer was received yesterday. He wants to stay in France apparently - move to Paris St Germain has also been mooted - but club are very keen to accept 10m euro offer today," writes Jason Burt.
"Chelsea also hope to complete Daniel Sturridge's loan signing to Bolton Wanderers today while there is still a chance that Jeffrey Bruma may also be loaned out for the rest of the season - possibly to West Bromwich Albion (6 clubs are in for him, five in England)....but that depends on the interminable saga of David Luiz ending in him finally moving to Stamford Bridge."
Email 12.15 Does anyone at King's College School in Wimbledon do any work? I only ask because I have now recieved my second email from someone there, this time knocking down the Gomez rumour. From Son-K-06, who sounds suspiciously like a robot: "The bid from Liverpool for Mario Gomez has been firmly rejected by Bayern Munich, but van Gaal has admitted Manchester United have made an enquiry for midfielder Bastian Schweinsteiger."
Twitter 12.10 From thomsonionioni on Twitter: "someone please please buy Steve McMahon from espnstar sport. Come on Liverpool he's one of yours lost out here in Asia."
12.07 BREAKING. Jonathan Liew tells me he has it on good authority that Qatar has bought everything, everyone and every concept for an undisclosed fee.
12.06 More Liverpool-related rumours. There are now suggestions that the club hope to seal a move for former left-back Stephen Warnock, following the much-mourned departure of Paul Konchesky on loan to Nottingham Forest.
- Liverpool have had a £30m bid for Andy Carroll rejected by Newcastle
- Newcastle sign Stephen Ireland on loan from Aston Villa
- Aston Villa deny that winger Ashley Young is heading for Liverpool
11.57 More from Sandy Macaskill, this time Stoke-related: "Tony Pulis is a busy boy today. He's just taken a call from an agent - more on that later - and is working on a few bits of business as Tuncay has his medical with VfL Wolfsburg. Looks like he is off for around £5m. Pulis says Sunderland are still hot for Ricardo Fuller, while Glenn Whelan is happy to leave for more first team action."
Email 11.53 It's suddenly gone rumour mental. From the intriguingly-named Diaz-G-06: "Rumours from Anfield suggest that Liverpool are lining up a bid in the region of £20mil for Bayern striker Mario Gomez after having their bid for Andy Caroll rejected."
Email 11.51 From Richard Jackson: "Just seen joleon lescott coming out of asda outside molinyeux in the last 5mins." Did you see what he bought, Richard? A large packet of Trios? Some Tizer? Information, I need information man.
11.48 Straight from the deadline day blog, and onto the phones, Jonathan Liew is on fire today: "Just spoken to Peterborough, who say they are "not aware" of a loan deal for Bebe and are not looking to add anyone else to the squad after signing Exeter keeper Paul Jones on loan this morning. It's not a flat-out denial, though, and you suspect that if this does happen it'll be through the Ferguson channels rather than the two boards."
11.46 An old friend looks on the verge of a long-awaited return to these shores. No, not Jose Mourinho, try Obafemi Martins for size instead. From Sandy Macaskill: "Obafemi Martins at Birmingham City to get the medical and paperwork out of the way. Club confident of completing loan deal for the former Newcastle United striker after he flew into England yesterday from Rubin Kazan to finalise terms. Taking bit of time to sort it out though. Work permit probs? Brum still insistent that Cameron Jerome going nowhere."
11.41 It's all gone very quiet on the transfer front, the calm before the storm maybe? Are we about to see Gary Cahill seal a £20 million move to Arsenal/Chelsea/whoever's interested now? Liverpool turn to the suddenly available Andy Gray to ease their striker crisis? Tell me your rumours/whispers/outright lies.
11.35 The latest on Andy Carroll is that Newcastle have rejected Liverpool's £30 million bid. Frankly, I'm amazed that Mike Ashley hasn't cashed in.
11.30 "Plenty of gossip that Ashley Young will be off to Liverpool, or even Manchester City before the deadline is up," writes Sandy Macaskill. "'Total and utter BS,' I'm told. At Villa now - stay tuned, we'll see what Gerard Houllier has to say."
Twitter 11.28 Rory Smith tweets: "Enjoying Sky's claim about a Carroll exclusive. An exclusive from reading @Iandennisbbc's twitter feed. The Andy Burton spirit lives on."
11.25 The big rumour to kick my deadline day debut off with is that Liverpool are preparing for life without Fernando Torres by bidding £30million for Newcastle striker Andy Carroll. Incredible what one England cap and a decent half a season will do for you, isn't it?
11.20 Time for a breath of fresh air. Here's Rob Kelly stepping gamely off the bench to bring you the next slug of deadline day opium.
Email 11.14 Chris (a different Chris from last time) writes: "If your theory is correct (and who am I to doubt?) it will be fascinating to see the fans' reaction to Torres next home game. As a Liverpool supporter I don’t know when a player's situation has left me so perplexed. Two days after the transfer request I still don’t know what I think should happen." What if he scores? What then?
Twitter 11.13 Jason Burt tweets: "West Ham have signed Paul McCallum from Dulwich Hamlet. 17. Very exciting young striker. Deal announced soon." He's very highly spoken of in non-league circles, is McCallum. Already they're calling him the 'new DJ Campbell'.
11.10 The swishing, swooping "BREAKING NEWS" graphic clatters into our screens on Sky Sports News. What, pray, is this? Some news on Torres? Is the Suarez deal done? Have Tottenham dipped their fingers into the market? None of the above, I'm afraid: "Aston Villa say they have received..." - and then a pause that would shame The X-Factor - "no bids for Ashley Young." Thanks, Sky Sports News.
11.04 DEAL! Stephen Ireland's loan deal to Newcastle looks pretty well done. From Sandy Macaskill: "Villa were stalling on the deal, but rang through on Saturday night and told Ireland to get up to Newcastle to sort personal terms. Newcastle have agreed to take on a percentage of the midfielder's wages. He is going to have to move closer - his Cheshire base is too far - but it could resurrect his season."
11.02 "Recession, what recession?" writes John Ley. "A year ago, Premier League clubs spent £30m during the January window. Yet already spending is up to £88.35m (plus a couple of undisclosed), so say £90m for cash. And if just some of the anticipated moves go ahead (Torres, Adam, Aguero, Suarez, Ashley Young), we could be close to the record, when a massive £181m was spent in January 2009. On that occasion, Andre Arshavin, Nigel de Jong, Craig Bellamy, Shay Given and Robbie Keane all bumped the figure up."
10.56 "Sounds like a Twitter rumour," Mark Ogden reckons on the Bebe tattle, "but the Darren connection makes it slightly feasible. Fergie has said all along, though, that he needs to stay at Old Trafford to get used to English football. Eikrem was sold to Molde earlier this month, so United won't be loaning him to Peterborough!"
Email 10.48 From Chris Lee: "Just spotted a man looking suspiciously like Bebe in a Manchester Utd tracksuit stepping out of a taxi one street away from London Road. A case of father helping son here?" Chris, you're going to have to prove you don't know Mark Irving (see 10.20). I don't know how you prove you don't know somebody, but if this isn't a stitch-up, could we be on to something here?
Twitter 10.43 I know I'm not strictly supposed to pour Panda Cola over today's deadline day fireworks, but there's a good to excellent chance that Fernando Torres will stay exactly where he is today. If Liverpool are going to hold out for £50m, even though Torres wants to leave, then it's all on Chelsea. And Chelsea will be asking themselves whether they really need him that badly that they have to rush a deal and a medical through. Meanwhile, Gareth Southgate tweets: "If Liverpool sign all the players they are linked with today, their physio will need a week in the Bahamas to recover."
10.35 More from Rob Stewart: Stephen Ireland has agreed personal terms with Newcastle on a loan deal; Hull skipper Ian Ashbee is poised to join former manager Phil Brown at Preston; Middlesbrough have moved to fill the void created by David Wheater's move to Bolton by completing the signing of Bayern Munich 2nd XI captain Maximilian Haas on a one-and-a-half year contract.
Email 10.33 And so it begins. "Can you tell Mark Irving that Eikrem is currently in Norway playing with Molde?" asks Ken Williams. "One deal that looks like it might happen later today is Wes Brown to Spurs. According to club insiders, Brown is only interested in going to a Champions League side, bad news for Newcastle and Everton, his other suitors."
10.30 I didn't want to write DEAL! there, in case any Liverpool fans then read the name 'Suarez' and had a cardiac. Although that deal probably will be done today. Here's a bit more from Jason Burt on West Ham pair Benni McCarthy and Herita Ilunga: "Moving on the pair may allow West Ham to sign the former Arsenal midfielder Edu, who is out of contract and has been training with the club for the past few days. The signing of McCarthy, in particular, has been a disaster for West Ham and they are struggling to move him on. He recently played a practice match for Queen's Park Rangers. The problem for West Ham is that he and Ilunga - who is wanted by Monaco - are on more than £40,000 a week." Madness.
10.25 Now, here's Kenny Dalglish. He reveals that Luis Suarez is just a couple of forms away from completing his signing. Meanwhile, Daniel Ayala has gone to Derby on loan. On Torres he simply refers the assembled media to the club's statement on Friday which says, in toto, "No can do." Dalglish then says that'll be all for transfer gossip. "If you want to talk about the Stoke City game, we can talk about Stoke City. If you don't, the car's warming up in the garage outside."
Email 10.20 First little tit-bit of transfer gossip/entertaining fiction of the day, and it comes from Mark Irving: "It's not the most glamorous of deadline day spots, but I work in the offices at London Road and it appears that Sir Alex is helping out his little boy again (and might be showing the first signs of giving up on a certain Portuguese). Bebe and the lesser known Magnus Eikrem are here looking to confirm loan deals." Bebe: from the streets of Lisbon to the streets of Peterborough, via the Old Trafford bench. Got any more? Mark, or anyone? Get in touch.
Twitter 10.11 Jason Burt tweets: "D-Day: West Ham trying to get Ilunga and McCarthy out on loan or sale today. Neither will now make club's 25-man squad. Deal possible for Edu." Does the D stand for 'deadwood'?
10.07 DEAL! The big spenders of English football have made their move! Kenny Dalglish has confirmed that Paul Konchesky will join Nottingham Forest on loan. Somebody's already changed Nottingham Forest's Wikipedia page to reflect this. Who are these people? And why?
09.49 DEAL! And one more from the North East: David Healy has moved from Sunderland to Rangers. I'll hand you back to Rob Stewart: "The 31-year-old has found first team opportunities limited with the Black Cats but impressed on a recent loan spell with Championship side Doncaster Rovers, where he scored twice in eight appearances."
09.48 DEAL! Sunderland defender Paulo Da Silva has completed a permanent switch to Spanish club Real Zaragoza. Quoth Rob Stewart: "The Paraguayan international moves to the La Liga outfit for an undisclosed fee. Da Silva, who turns 31 tomorrow, arrived at the Stadium of Light in July 2009 from Mexican side Toluca but has found first team appearances at a premium with manager Steve Bruce having access to a wealth of defensive talent."
09.46 Harry Redknapp drives into Tottenham's training ground and declares that he would be "very surprised if anything happened today". As surprised as we were when you signed Van der Vaart, Harry? The intrepid Sky reporter then produces a list of Spanish-sounding names - Rossi, Aguero. Llorente, Negredo and the like - to which Harry simply responds: "Yeah, top player, top player..." Safe to say it's business as usual for Harry, then.
09.44 With that in mind, Sky Sources tell us that Stoke's Tuncay is having a medical at Wolfsburg. He's probably being prodded and poked by Steve McClaren as we speak.
09.42 One of the things we're going to have to get clear today is the difference between 'real news' and 'Sky Sources'. Obviously Sky get a good deal of stuff right, but on this day of innuendo and hearsay, a deal ain't done until it's done. I mean, I remember Sky Sources revealing that 'The Berlin Wall will come down today' about half an hour before it actually did. But about half an hour before that, those same Sky Sources were trailing: 'The Berlin Wall will definitely stay up'. And about half an hour before that: 'Sky Sources: There Is No Berlin Wall'. Just a pinch of salt, that's all I'm saying.
09.40 From Mark Ogden: "Don't expect any big money deals in Manchester today. Old Trafford is virtually closed for business, while Eastlands is all about whether Shaun Wright-Phillips gets his move away.
"Bolton, Everton and Fulham are all keen, but not at £4m. Adam Johnson's ankle injury could block any exit anyway. No prospect of recalling Vladimir Weiss from Rangers due to the Slovakian winger having played in more than half of Rangers' games this season.
"The only glimmer of a deal at United would revolve around Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain and whether the Southampton youngster did enough on Saturday evening to persuade Sir Alex Ferguson to make a move today."
09.30 What's in the papers?
Well, let's start with our own. The Daily Telegraph reveals that Chelsea could offer £45m in cash for Fernando Torres today, with Liverpool considering an £18m bid for Ashley Young, as well as a final improved offer for Charlie Adam.
In addition, Stephen Ireland could go to Newcastle on loan, with US midfielder Michael Bradley coming in from Borussia Moenchengladbach to join Villa on a short-term deal. Then all the usual stuff: Oba Martins to Birmingham, Tuncay to Wolfsburg, Xisco to Deportivo, all on loan. Oh, and there's news of a £38.5m bid from Tottenham for Sergio Aguero. More on Tottenham later...
According to The Sun, Liverpool want Andy Carroll, Blackpool want Andy Reid if Charlie Adam leaves, Blackburn are in for Mauro Formica (a good bet for the top of the table, guffaw guffaw) and Ruben Rochina, Leicester are in for Diniyar Bilyaletdinov, and Jordan ignored a text from Alex Reid telling her he was in hospital.
The Mirror have Daniel Sturridge joining Bolton on loan, Leicester moving for Shay Given, Hull trying to sign Jonathan Greening and Neil Danns and Gordon Ramsay on the verge of the sack from Channel Four.
The Daily Mail have Tottenham going back in for Phil Neville, Chelsea making a move for Dimitri Payet of Saint-Etienne, Rangers interested in Andre Bikey and Arsenal keen on Alex Oxlade-Chambermuffin.
According to The Independent, Manchester City could be back in the market today with moves for Ashley Young and Alexis Sanchez, as well as denying Shaun Wright-Phillips's transfer request.
Fulham could be in for Juventus striker Amauri, say The Times. OK, I'm bored now. Let's deal with some real news.
09.15 Agents, physios, limo drivers, private jet operators, mobile phone companies, Sky Sports News presenters, and ordinary, upstanding members of the British public, good morning. There are just under 14 hours to go until the transfer window slams shut, and in contrast to the last two deadline days, which were frankly fairly soporific for the most part, this ought to be a cracker. The top line is, of course, Fernando Torres's proposed loan move to Wigan, but there's plenty else to intrigue, titillate, shock and awe. Over the day, our crack team of transfer window operatives (actually our regular football writers standing outside training grounds in the cold) will bring you all the latest, when it happens, as it happens, IN REAL TIME, BEFORE ANYONE ELSE. Probably. Who's your team? Who do you want? Who do you not want? (Be sparing with this last category.) And, most importantly, what do you know? Drop us a line.

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